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Windows Media Connect is the predecesor of Windows Media Center and Home Server
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Windows Media Connect is an application developed by Microsoft for Windows XP to share (stream) audio and video files to PC and non PC devices later called MediaCenter Extenders using a wired o wireless Network.

With this software you could share your music folder from your PC to another device attached to your network on the living room. Microsoft dropped Windows Media Connect in favor to release a complete solution called Windows Media Center, however parts of its technology can be see on Windows Media Player and Windows Home Server.

Windows Media Connect is what is called a UPnP A/V server (Universal plug and play Audio and Video Server), isnt the only software available in the digital live market but its the only free from Microsoft. Its version 1 was released as an stand alone program, version 2 was an update while version 3 for Xp and 4 for Vista were released as part of Windows Media Player 11 network sharing service.

Version 11 its part of Windows Vista Multimedia Sharing service hosted on its Network and Sharing center and Windows Home Server UPnP service. Windows Connect Devices (MediaCenter Extenders) varies from Microsoft Owned Zune Multimedia Player and Xbox 360 game console to third party setup boxes or portable multimedia players.

No matter which version you use or if you know that you are using WIndows Media Connect, Microsoft have made all actions required to let you enjoy your multimedia anywhere!

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